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and little guy software

Providing Software for completing the HCFA 1500 and new CMS 1500  claim form

Software for completing the HCFA 1450 / UB92 claim forms

Blank claim forms, bar coded, non-bar code, tractor feed and laser/inkjet

Offering a  consultation package that gives you software, forms, toll-free tech support and toll-free training in how to complete the HCFA 1500, now updated to CMS 1500

HCFA / CMS 1500 software we offer was developed by EASY HCFA 1500 Form Filler Software, now
little guy software.

It is available for both the PC and the Mac and comes in versions designed for the individual or small group practice and for the large group practice or billing service

Best prices of any HCFA CMS 1500 form filler software.

Rock bottom prices on quality claim forms and envelopes, some with no shipping charges

All of our software is customized for the needs of the individual purchaser.

Software prices for the updated HCFA CMS 1500 
start as low as $48.50

and claim forms for as little as $20.

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CMS 1500 software


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